Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I forgot to add...

we are headed to Utah. Vernon will be going to college and once Dalty is in school I will be too. times will be tough I am sure but we will make it through! we are tough

Every new beginning comes....

From some other beginnings end. Our life is changing, for our whole married life we have been Navy. As of Nov. 15, we will no longer be Navy. This is a huge, scary/exciting change for us. When you are military the other military families become your not just your friends but your family and I have been so blessed. A huge Thank you to all of you who have become my family. (Tiffany, Brandy, Michelle, Geneva, Nicci, Gioia, Katie, Shelly, and my newest sisters Shandy and Lacee.) I know that even though the miles separate us our friendships will last forever and you guys mean the world to me. I can not wait to see what the future holds for us. I can not wait to have my husband home and not have to leave for weeks/months at a time. Yet I am nervous at the same time. So much uncertainty. We have know for a while that this could happen, but didn't have much faith that it would and now with Vernon out to sea and only getting home a few days before we don't have a lot of time to prepare or plan. We firmly believe God has a plan for us and have faith that things will work out for us. Good bye Navy, we have some good times and some bad times, but through it all we have learned a lot. Hello civilian world, please be kind.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Need to

Blog, Need to post, Need to update! I will soon. Have a lot on my plate. Have a lot of confusion. Learning patience. Will take some pics of the kids and update ya'll soon. Please know you all are in our thoughts and prayers and we think of you often. Big changes are happening and they are rough to deal with but I know with out a doubt the Lord has a special plan for us and right now we just need to endure.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ground hog days

It seems that I am living the same day over and over and over. LOL. I am sure Vernon is feeling the same way. And while people think you have a choice, you could go out and do different things you don't have to relive the same things over and over, you don't know me well :) So if feels kind of boring to blog and I am sorry, eventually things will return to normal and my husband will be home, then he will be gone again, then home. I swear its like the navy thinks we have a revolving door. But enough of me. I know you all are here for the kiddos. So here are some pictures of JD and Danica, they had their last day of swim lessons today. It seems Danica has more of her father in her when it comes to the water and so the life guard went with her off the diving board for her first time.

As for the boys, we hang out inside all day, its just to hot and humid to be out. But we go out in the evenings to play and take pix so here are a few of the last week. Oh and ignore Kadens haircut it is a work in progress I have to do it in his sleep and even in his sleep he tries to rip the scissors out of my hands, But I love being able to see his eyes and I will slowly but surely get it done, it usually takes about 4 days for the hair cut to be finished. If anyone has any ideas on how to get him to like his haircut I am willing to listen. No amount of suckers, treats, his sippy cup or cars movie has helped :)

Oh and feel free to ignore the writing on some of those pix they are the same pix I send to Daddy. :) Love you all and hope you are doing well. We are doing just fine. I will write again soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ok peeps I need some opinions. I have a hard time keeping this up to date because I have already shared the pictures on facebook and then to come here and post the same thing seems silly. But this is supposed to be my way of having a journal/scrapbook, so to not post the here is silly too. But more people look at my facebook them they do my blog. But I am doing this as a way for us to be able to look back a remember things and I don't go through facebook for that so I should post them here. HAHAHA I am confused. So I guess if you follow me on both face book and here sometimes you will see the pictures twice BUT you get the story with the pictures here. Clear as mud? Yup me too. HAHAHA. JD and Danica are still with my mom, I know, I know I am working on it! But while they are there they are enjoying swim lessons and meeting new people and having a LOT more fun then they would have here with me. So here are a few pix of them at the pool and the local drive in today.

And here are a few from the 4th they had a blast! There are some more on facebook, I cant figure out how to get the off and add em here at the moment. I will try to figure it out and I guess if they are out there in cyber space they arent forgotten. Anywho, They won frogs at the park, Went to the rodeo, and the picture of the rodeo that you cant really tell whats going on, yeah somewhere down there in the light blue shirt is my daughter doing the cash calf! She never ceases to amaze me!

The boys and I didnt do much for the 4th. we played outside until it stormed it was a great storm!!! Loud and big thunder booms and awesome lightening. I felt bad for all those who had traveled to all the local places for the fireworks it was pouring! Anyway here are a few recent pix of what the boys do daily while daddy is away. We run, we slide, we jump, we go to the park, we ride bikes and trikes, and dig. We have fun!

and one more just for fun. Dalty LOVES to tip over anything he is riding then yells "IM OK" so when you see me post pictures of him falling its so I can remember his cute little voice yelling IM OK!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Absence Makes The heart grow

fonder...That's what they say. And I believe it. Vernon was gone for 10 days and it was miserable. I love my sweet boys who keep me busy. But my husband is my best friend and I love having him by my side. He is an amazing father, and we really wished JD and Danica could be here. I am hoping this next time!!! He was home for about 30 hours. The boys and I were in HEAVEN! Kaden loved to make him carry him anytime Vernon stood up and Dalton wouldn't let him out of his sight and talked his ear off! But I couldn't stop the tears for I knew it wouldn't last. But this video really says it all I told Vernon I wouldn't post these pictures on Facebook....hehehe, never said anything about my blog.... This is while we were waiting for the taxi to come take him away again. I am still not comfortable driving in this dang place and we only have one car so when Vernon is gone for an extended amount of time he takes a taxi. Holy expensive!

Please ignore the holes in Kadens shorts he was running around in his diaper and I didn't want him missing the last bit of time with daddy and grabbed the first pair I saw, unfortunately it was one the was in the rag pile hahaha. just my luck! I love and miss you Vernon, until next time I am

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We are lonely

We miss our daddy. We cant wait to have him home. And no this isnt even a deployment or him gone that long. But we miss him just the same...just in case you were wondering.